The Best Instagram Recipe Ever

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The Best Instagram Recipe Ever

Anna Macfarlane
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The Ultimate Recipe for Instagram!

Let me show you HOW I grew an audience of over HALF A MILLION followers! The same way I've tripled engagement for dozens of clients' accounts.

Everyone can make brownies! Go to the store, pick up a box mix, add some water and eggs, bake, and voila! Brownies. But if you want THE BEST BROWNIES IN THE WORLD that everyone wants more, will pay big money for them, and salivates every time they see them, you need a great recipe.

Anyone can have an Instagram account! But if you want THE BEST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT IN THE WORLD, you need a recipe. You need all the ingredients. You need a master chef (slash social media expert) to give you the recipe and guide you.

What the program includes:

- A digital download of nearly 70-pages of Ingredients and explanations. This is chock-full of information, explanations, and examples. ($250+ value)

- A printable workbook to use while you go through the program. Easy to print and a must if you want to get the most of this Instagram program. ($50 value)

- A printable calendar to visualize your social media planning. Maximize your time and get focused on making your Instagram audience stronger and more efficient. ($35 value)

-  All the matrices ready to print and post on your wall. What's a matrix? Trust me, it's going to be the key to saving you time and making your Instagram DELICIOUS! ($40 value)

* BONUS: Lifetime access to our private Facebook group— Live Hot Seat calls, Live Masterclasses, monthly challenges, and a supportive online community all in one! Seriously worth the price alone. ($200 value)

If you were to hire me to go over all of this information for you, expect to pay at least $5000. Of course, you can still hire me to consult you and we can have lunch, too. OR... get this course, with at least a

$575 value

for $197!

Stop wondering WHAT TO DO and start DOING! Be a DOER and not a VIEWER on Instagram.

Instagram changes all the time, and this course is meant to give you a STRONG jumping point where you can know if you are on the right path. Get a STRONG BIO, a STRONGER message, and learn how to convert your audience to FANS and BUYERS!!




Please note: I make no promises to get you to double your followers or triple your engagement in just two weeks. Stay consistent, commit to the recipe, and put in the effort. It works!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This course is to be used by ONE individual.

This course is a digital download, and as such, there will be NO REFUNDS.

MARJ MEDIA is the sole copyright owner of this course, including all materials included herein (the “Course”). Unauthorized distribution of this course will be met with legal action.

Copyright (c) 2018, MARJ MEDIA

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The Best Instagram Guide EVER

The Best Instagram Guide EVER (pdf file)
Printable Workbook (pdf file)
Content Calendar (pdf file)
YOUR Matrix (pdf file)
LIFETIME access to the Private Facebook Group


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