Get SMART! A Family Guide to the Internet (for kids age 3–10)

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This downloadable SMART Family Online Guide is designed for families who are online or use smart devices and the Internet in their home (and considering you are looking at this right now, sounds like it might be YOU!!). πŸ˜‰

Best for kids age 3 – 10, this guide is broken into multiple lessons for families to discuss:


Mom or Dad (what to do when you see something mature or inappropriate)


Rules and Guidelines


There are also tips and studies for families to discuss:



Plans for OTHER things to do with your TIME

and many Discussions for the entire family

There is also a FAMILY PLAN for the family to complete and sign when the Guide is completed.

Some user reviews for the SMART FAMILY ONLINE GUIDE:

"I love that this is more of a guided conversation than just an advice situation for parents. Super helpful! My 5-year-old was all over it. She is SMART now and she will tell you everything about it."

"My wife and I loved this. We all had a really good discussion about rules for devices. I noticed that our whole family seemed more invested in what we were choosing to do."

"This guide gave me the tools to open up the discussion in a way that my kids can understand. I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be and this guide helped me simplify my thinking and explain things in a way that could relate to my kids especially my 9 year old who understands more about technology than even me I think."

"The interesting facts were a great way to keep the topic light and even for me to remember to not totally freak my kids out about all the dangers lurking behind the keyboard!"

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Get SMART! A Family Guide to the Internet (for kids age 3–10)

0 ratings